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Bethesda by the Sea’s Approach to Intensive Christian Counseling

“It’s all about relationship!”

That is the heart of our philosophy of  Biblical Counseling. One of the factors that contributes to the potential success of Christian counseling is the relationship developed between the client and the counselor.


The intensive counseling format provides ample time not only to establish rapport, but to develop a meaningful relationship  that provides the context for the possibility of substantive growth. Our desire is to help you experience freedom, healing, and meaningful change.


At Bethesda by the Sea, we long to see you rested, refreshed, renewed, and restored to fulfill your Heavenly Father’s destiny and purpose for your life. 

What is my next step?

After you have explored our website, please feel free to contact Bethesda by the Sea today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. We are glad to answer any questions you might have about the ministry of BBTS!


If you would like to apply to one of Bethesda by the Sea’s Intensive Pastoral Counseling Programs, please read carefully all the information below, and complete and submit the required forms.


Thank you for choosing Bethesda by the Sea!





Download and complete each form directly on your computer

 - After downloading, upload your document to

     • You will need to create a free account to edit PDFs. Do not follow any prompts to start a free trial or subscription. 

 - Click on areas to be filled out. Type in info. Text boxes can be dragged for correct placement.

 - Please do not type your name in the signature section, but be sure to click Sign in the top menu to choose a way to include a digital signature.

 - Once completed, DO NOT hit the green button or any of the options that show up on the drop down. Instead click share and send the completed pdf to




Download, then print and complete forms manually.

 - You can then use a scanner to create a digital copy.

 - Send completed digital copies of forms to

I.  Personal History

II. Medical, Emotional and Psychiatric History         

III.  Self-Assessment Counseling Questionnaire

IV. Contribution Agreement

V. Counseling Agreement

Read, sign, and initial as directed. If mailing or scanning and e-mailing your manually completed forms, please include this signed form as well.

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