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Bethesda by the Sea is the Christian Pastoral Counseling Ministry of William and Lynn Lewis. Located in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida, Bethesda by the Sea seeks to provide a House of Mercy, where struggling pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders can “come apart” from the stressors of everyday life and ministry to find mercy and grace to help them in their time of need.

What you'll experience at Bethesda by the Sea

A Warm Welcome

You’ll be greeted with smiles, warm handshakes, and probably a hug!

Compassion and Understanding

Whatever might be troubling you, chances are that we’ve walked through that valley, too.


• Ministry struggles • Team conflicts • Family heartbreak • Disappointments • Spiritual warfare •


You won’t be handed some tired old platitudes and a couple more Bible verses… you’ll find a listening ear, grace, and insightful truth that is delivered in a context of compassion, encouragement, sound Biblical foundations, and genuine empathy.

Restoration and Revitalization

Your desire is to continue serving God in your calling… but you feel you can’t go on if something doesn’t change. That’s why we’re here! As you courageously open your heart with the guidance of a trained, gifted Biblical counselor, the Holy Spirit will show you the real roots of issues that are hurting you & your loved ones, impacting your key relationships, and hindering your work. 


Lasting change comes from getting to the real roots and motivations of the heart… grieving wounds from the past and repenting of the sinful patterns that we have unknowingly embraced. Get ready to dig deep, work hard, and be astounded at the freedom and joy that await you! 


“The truth shall set you free!”

John 8:32

Rest and Refreshment

Ministry is hard work. Sometimes we ALL need to lay down our burdens and rest from the labor. The Bible tells us that Jesus “came apart” to pray. We like to say, “The Lord ‘came apart’ so that He wouldn’t come apart.” 


Enjoy being ministered to as you take in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Stroll along the sugar-white sands as you gaze upon the emerald-green and aqua-blue water.  Be inspired by the spectacular beauty of a Florida sunset—no two are ever the same.  Laugh at the adorable coquina clams as they quickly bury themselves into the sand after each wave.


Cruise down beautiful 30A, or sail on a catamaran. If you’re really adventurous, try parasailing! Choose from the many excursions available: a dolphin cruise, a pirate adventure cruise, a trip to Shell Island, snorkeling, or deep-sea fishing.  Shop or take in a movie at Pier Park, or visit the the shopping outlets in Miramar Beach.

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Get in touch with your inner child as you tackle the water slides, lazy river, and wave pool next door at Shipwreck Island. Watch classic movies on a comfy couch, or read a good book on the screened-in porch. At bedtime, climb into a comfy bed that’s already been turned down for you, and luxuriate in the feeling of someone ELSE making the bed for you in the morning!


God has given us the gift of hospitality, and we’ve also been blessed by the generous hospitality of others along the way. It’s truly our joy to make you feel at home!  Enjoy delicious baked goodies, hearty breakfasts, and a cozy room with a queen-size bed, soft sheets, and a private bathroom. Use the “good” towels!  Borrow our beach cart, umbrella, and towels. Relax as your bed is made up each morning & evening. You will be lovingly taken care of!

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